Enjoy Limited Lifetime Warranty on Window Films

We offer affordable energy-saving solutions to businesses and homeowners alike. By eliminating up to 84% of solar heat, our window films improve the efficiency of air conditioning systems, helping you save on energy costs and use, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions.

Why Tinting Studio?

  • Enjoy Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • We offer quality work with quality film
  • Advice on maintaining window tinting
  • Maintenance service for window films
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Cleaning Window Film

  • The most important rule is to wait for one week to clean your windows after the tinting is installed.
  • Simply prepare a mixture of dish soap and water and dampen a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the windows

Cleaning Decorative Film

  • You can use a similar process as window film
  • Please note- cleaning detergents such as bleach or Windex may be harsh on the window tint

Cleaning Solar Tinting

  • These tints are made of polyester material in order to block UV rays and heat. However, these films are thinner than decorative films allowing you to see more dirt and dust.
  • Ammonia-based cleaners can discolour or ruin the film’s adhesion

Tips on Maintaining Window Film/ Tinting