Frequently Asked Questions About Window Tinting and Films

Is it worth Tinting Home Windows?

Yes. Totally. If you wish to keep your home secured, get enough privacy, enjoy the heat without the sun and keep your furnishings last longer then window tinting is a must.


What do you mean by Window Tinting?

Window tint is also known as window film. This film is either made of metallic or plastic laminate and is transparent. It is applied directly to the interior of the window glass. Window tint comes in a variety of compositions with different optical effects. Since window tint is applied to finished glass, it is less expensive than specialty glass that has been chemically altered. The film can work in a variety of ways based on the user’s needs. 


Can I Remove Window Tinting Myself?

Our professional window tinting is designed to be permanent. However, at any time if you do feel to remove the tint, you can do so without causing any damage to your windows. 


How Do I Choose a Window Tint? 

Our team will work closely with you to determine the best window film for your home or office. We will show you samples and efficiency in order for you to make the best choice.


Is the Window Tint Transparent?

Yes, but the amount of transparency is completely dependent on the buyer. Our films come in a variety of tint, colours and even have the option to customize. Based on what you would like to achieve by installing the window film, we would be suggesting the best solution. If you would like privacy you would want non-transparent and if your goal is to reduce the heat, you would typically install transparent tint.


Do window films block Light?

The idea to install window tint is to be able to enjoy natural light minus its negative impact. Our films do not block light but are meant to maintain the light, efficiency, and heat in your home, office, or retail space.

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