About Tinting Studio

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Tinting Studio’s mission is to serve customers with the world-class quality of window tinting films that not just helps in controlling heat indoors but also conserve energy.  We only deal with the highest quality products, computerized film cutting system and the latest installation technique bringing 100% satisfaction to our customers. If you are a builder, contractor, glass manufacturing company, interior designer, property manager, building engineer, security consultant, or a home & business owner- we can work with you to help you in building great energy efficiency.

Benefits Of Window Tinting

Benefits Of Window Tinting

Reduce glare, increase efficiency and conserve energy

  • Keeps you warm in the winters and cool in the summers
  • Window films with safety & security features protect your home & office from break-ins. This film will hold your window glass from shattering into hundreds of shards. This film can help protect from a thief entering your property, thereby providing an additional crime deterrent
  • Reduce fading of your furniture and furnishings
  • Reduces excessive light entering the room improving your eyes’ ability to focus on an object clearly and efficiently
  • Save thousands on hydro and gas bills
  • Decorative and privacy films can help the way your home or office looks. It is a great way to add an element of privacy and yet have the ability to bring in light into the space.
  • Standard window will bring in almost 90% of the UV rays from the sunlight, increasing the risk of skin cancer even while being indoors. Skin Cancer Institutes across the globe recommends window films to protect yourself from the exposure of harmful UV rays. It acts just like sunscreen!

Why Tinting Studio?

Quality combined with strong customer service

At Tinting Studio, we believe in partnering with film manufacturers and dealers that provide only quality window tinting films. Our offerings include varied options to choose from frosting, safety & security, solar, decorative window films, and UV protected window films for both residential and commercial applications.

We bring over 15 years of experience serving the Ontario region within Canada. We are only a call away from discussing window tinting solutions for every application for your home, office, or retail or institutional space.

Outside of Ontario and still considering our services? No problem, call us and let’s work together for a solution for yourself or your clients.

Window tinting is a long term investment. Make it count!

We do the best quality job with the best quality film in North America.